About EasyPark Mobile parking

The EasyPark Group is a leading provider of Digital Parking and Pay-by-Phone for parking since 2001. The Group operates in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden (HQ). We are serving more than 200 city councils and commercial parking operators.

EasyPark’s Mobile Parking Service

EasyPark mobile parking is a mobile service for all drivers who want to simplify their parking. By using EasyPark mobile parking, private drivers and businesses with cars or drivers can achieve a more convenient, safe, efficient and cost effective parking experience.  The service is easy-to-use by the Smartphone App or a dial-up voice menu (IVR). While avoiding overpayment and decreasing the risk of fines is the reason many sign up for the service, most drivers stay on as users because of the convenience and ease they experience with our service.

EasyPark’s Solutions for City Councils and Commercial Parking Operators

EasyPark digital parking solutions offer parking operators a way to provide better service to their customers and greatly reduce costs. Using EasyPark solutions reduces costs by avoiding expensive coin and card management as well as costly investments in physical parking equipment. EasyPark delivers the following Solutions in an integrated system:

  • Cashless payment through phone parking
  • Virtual permits (for example residential permits)
  • Digital infringement notices and enforcement management

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