How EasyPark works

Congratulations – You have just discovered the most efficient way to pay for your parking and avoid parking fines, overpayment and slow parking meters. Using the EasyPark App is simple and gives you virtual control of your parking from wherever you are. Its easy and quick!

1. Login: Follow the instructions on the screen.
2. Start parking: Select a parking time by spinning the wheel.
3. Ongoing parking: Stop or extend the parking time as you need.

Following your registration you can start parking immediately . You will also receive a welcome letter by email with useful information about EasyPark.

  • Don´t have a smartphone?

    Don´t worry we have a solution for you!
    Call 1 300 73 40 70 to start parking. Before you can make your first parking you need to register to the service by clicking “Join EasyPark”.

    Start/stop/extend your parking
    1. Park the car
    2. Call 1300 73 40 70
    3. Follow the prompts: enter the area code specified on the nearest parking sign or ticket machine and a preliminary end-time (which you can later extend or stop)
    4. Your parking session has started
    5. You will receive an SMS 15 minutes before the parking time ends.
    6. You can stop or extend your parking at any time.

    E-mail receipt
    After completing your parking you receive an email receipt containing all details of that parking session. This receipt has the same functionality and content as a physical parking receipt.

  • How does a parking officer know that I have paid?
    The parking officer checks against the EasyPark database in real-time to confirm whether a parking session is valid.

You can start a parking session with EasyPark before the paid parking time starts, and only pay for the time that the parking is for a fee. For example, you may start a parking session a 7am, but if the paid parking time only begins at 8am you will only pay for your parking time from 8am.

EasyPark will automatically stop charging you for your parking when the parking is for free. For example, you may start a parking session at 4pm until 6pm. But, if the parking in the parking area is free of charge from 5pm EasyPark will limit your parking session (and your payment) to 5pm.

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