EasyPark for private parking

You have no change, and the parking meter  doesn´t accept credit cards. You don´t know how long you may need to park, so you are worried about a parking fine. We are all familiar with the situation – with pay-by-phone you avoid the frustration!

EasyPark pay-by-phone means your only worry is finding a parking space. You simply start your parking session via our EasyPark app or by a phone call (1300 73 40 70) and your parking expenses are charged to your credit card. Problem solved!


The benefits of our pay-by-phone parking:

  • Start, stop or extend your parking with the push of a button.
  • No worrying about parking fines, you choose the end time for each parking session, and get a reminder 15 minutes before your parking ends.
  • You save money by only paying for the actual time that you park!*
  • No need for coins, credit card or spending time at parking ticket machines.

*When paying with credit card or coins the average person overpays for parking by approx. 25% to avoid fines.

Click here to read more about how phone parking works.

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