Frequently Asked Questions About EasyPark

To contact EasyPark customer service call 1300 73 40 70 or email

1. »If my employer pays my mobile subscription, can I register with EasyPark?«

Yes you can, as parking costs are charged to your credit card, not your mobile phone account.

2. »If I use several cars can I still use EasyPark?«

You can register an unlimited number of cars in one EasyPark account. When parking you simply select the registration number of the car you want to park.

3. »Can I use EasyPark if I don’t have a smartphone?«

You can use EasyPark regardless of the type of phone you have. Parking can be started by calling 1300-73-40-70 and then following the simple voice prompts.

4. »How does the parking inspector know that I have paid?«

Parking attendants use a PDA to check the number plate of your car against the EasyPark database in real-time to check for paid parking. Because the registration number is checked when issuing a fine, our in-built software ensures that you will not get a parking fine if you are legally parked.

5. »Where can I use the service?«

Wherever you see an EasyPark sign, or check our website for our convenient locations.

6. »Can several phone numbers be connected to the same car?«

Yes, it’s possible to connect several cars to each user account (mobile number), and several phone numbers to account. For example, one car can be connected to everyone in a family.

7. »How many cars can I register with EasyPark?«

As many as you like. When you go to start your parking session, simply select which registration number is attached to your car and begin your parking session. 

8. »How can I change my account information?«

By logging into your account on the web, or our Smartphone App, or by calling Customer Service

9. »What if I forget to end the parking session?«

A parking session will never go on longer than the time you initially set for the session, or the max possible parking time in a given area. In addition, you will receive a parking reminder fifteen minutes before the end-time so that you have the chance to extend your parking.

10. »How long do I have to sign-up for?«

EasyPark has no binding contract period so you are free to cancel your subscription at any time (refer to our Terms & Conditions)

11. »What is my responsibility as the user of the system?«

You are responsible for starting and stopping your own parking transactions and ensuring that the parking area code you input is correct. If you lose your phone you need to let us know so that we can ensure the safety of your account.

12. »We are a large company with many departments and projects so we need to track parking usage and expenses, so how do you handle that?«

EasyPark currently serves more than 80,000 businesses internationally, issuing monthly invoices and providing an in-house capability that allows you to monitor on-going parking costs and transactions. We can even split the invoice and reports by project, departments, cars, drivers or any other way you require.

13. »What methods of payment does EasyPark accept?«

You can pay by Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards.

14. »What is the general overpayment with coins and cards when paying in a ticket machine or meter?«

International research shows that the average overpayment is around 25% as drivers are concerned that the time will run out resulting in a parking fine.

14. »How do I change my product package?«

Please contact EasyPark customer service on 1300 73 40 70 or email

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